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Charities Aid Foundation

UX Designer, Visual Designer

Charities Aid Foundation needed a revamp of one of their main products, CAF Bank. I worked as part of an Agile team in-house as the sole UX Designer.

When I looked at the structure of the site I could see that the IA needed a rethink too, not just a reskin. A lot of the user journeys were overly complex and simple tasks that people are used to making on online sites every day were pain points. Knowing what the main user journeys were, I created a sitemap for the team to discuss. We worked together to understand the full journey, not just digital, but what any changes would mean offline and security risks.

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Once the sitemap was agreed, I started on hand drawn low-fidelity wireframes. Once we got feedback from stakeholders and customers, I created more screens in Axure before moving into Photoshop. During this process, we had a workshop with a representative of the RNIB. He helped us to understand how we could reach an AA standard rating and make the Bank the first DDA Compliant product at CAF.

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The Result
The final website received positive user feedback. Not only did we modernise a very outdated website, but we were also successful in obtaining the AA standard for DDA Compliance. Getting the perspective of the RNIB and testing the site using text readers was a major learning point.

CAF Bank Styles