Charities Aid Foundation: CAF Donate
Role:         Lead UX/UI (User research, wireframes, recommendation report)
Tools:        Pen, Paper, Google Docs, Asana, Axure, InVision, GoToMeeting



CAF Donate is  a tool that allows charities to have control over managing their  donations. The aim of this project was to make recommendations to improve the user experience for the donors.



  • Ran user tests using the current version of the product
  • Collated all of the feedback to prioritise the changes needed
  • Gathered information from within the company
  • Created a user flow
  • Wireframed new screens
  • Created an interactive prototype in InVision
  • Carried out more user tests
  • Presented my recommendations for the product team in a report

I started with a KWHL chart to gather all of the information that I had about the product, but to also help me figure out my next steps and who I would need to talk to.

The user test revealed some problems that the charities themselves, as well as the donors were having with the current UX of the product.

Following all of the feedback from the user tests I created a user flow which slim-lined the time it takes to make a donation.

Once I created all of the screens in Axure, the next step was to create a clickable prototype in InVision and used that for the next stage of testing.