Children in Crisis
Role:         UX/UI (User research, wireframes, user interface design)
Tools:        Pen, Paper, Omnigraffle, Photoshop



Children in Crisis wanted to add a store to their website so their supporters could buy virtual gifts. They wanted to expand how they raise money for their education programmes that help more children go to school in parts of Africa by allowing customers to purchase virtual gifts.



I worked on this project for Children in Crisis during my time a New Digital Partnership, an agency that specialise in designing for the Drupal platform. This was their pro-bono project and I was the assigned designer.

As this small store had to be delivered in a very short time, due to our long-time working relationship with Children in Crisis, I was able to work out how the products could be filtered and presented. Once a sitemap was agreed I created some very basic wireframes. Using their branding, I was able to create the final visual design.



The end result is a very simple, clean e-commerce design. Since this was done back in 2011, I have learned a lot about DDA compliance (Disability Discrimination Act). There are aspects that I would change, especially their brand yellow used for the quote background on the homepage as there isn’t enough colour contrast.

Children in Crisis Homepage Wireframe

Working the main stakeholder from Children In Crisis, I was able to create the main wireframes.

Children in Crisis Homepage

Final UI Design for the homepage

Children in Crisis Product List

Final UI Design for the product listing page

Children in Crisis Product Page

Final UI Design for the product detail page