Role:         Lead UX/UI (User research, wireframes, user interface design, spec and style guides)
Tools:        Pen, Paper, Asana, Axure, Photoshop



Euroffice, an online stationery company, had a problem with elements of their website which were receiving some negative feedback from their customers and causing problems for customer journeys.


As well as interviewing the stakeholders about what their goals were for the website, I took the following steps:

  • Listened to some of the customer calls to the call centre and gathered customer complaints
  • Prioritised the key elements of the site to work on – the header, navigation, search, and shopping basket were first
  • Introduced web fonts to the site
  • Created low and high-fidelity wireframes
  • Created spec-sheets for the developers
  • Created a new style guide
  • We worked with the Italian branch of the company to ensure there was overall consistency
  • A/B Tested variations of the homepage for our customer sectors
  • Redesigned the weekly email template


A much needed update introducing web fonts to the website, stricter use of the brand guidelines, consistency with the product images,  and clearer communication. Conversion went up by 7%.

The original Euroffice website design.

Shopping Basket Notification

Focusing on one of the main pain points of the website, I created the wireframes for the shopping basket process. The design had to be flexible for the Italian version.

Wireframes for the site header with layouts in both English and Italian.

As the design was being done with and element at a time and not one big redesign, this is a layout with the new header and shopping basket modal over the old design.

This is a style tile which allowed me the space and time to complete the wireframes, but also was enough to show the design direction to the stakeholders.

The variations of the Endeca product cartridges. I introduced colour coding for the various product categories.

Endeca Spec Sheet

This is a spec-sheet for the Endeca product cartridges.

Euroffice Homepage Design

The final UI design for the Euroffice homepage.

The final design for the Euroffice newsletter.

The design style guides.