Role:         Lead UX/UI (Wireframes, user interface design)
Tools:        Pen, Paper, Photoshop



iPLATO specialise in web based software specifically for the NHS. I was hired by them to completely redesign two web applications and a mobile application. The duration of the project was a little over 6 weeks working on 3 separate apps. The most complex one was careEpilepsy, a web based medical diary for people with Epilepsy.


During my conversations with the project manager, he made it clear what the guidelines were:

  • No dark colours
  • Use light positive colours
  • If images are used, make sure that they are positive
  • Do a complete redesign

As the technology for the project was already up and running, I was able to use it thoroughly and get a feel for how it worked, note any problems and highlight areas that needed to be simplified.

As this project was very fast paced, my method was to create low-fidelity wireframes of a particular journey, get feedback, make any amendments, and then create high-fidelity wireframes – all within a day or two. Once the wireframes were signed off, the last part of the project was adding the visual design and the finer details.

The logo designer on this project was Igino Fuggi. We sat together and agreed on a colour palette. The brief asked for light, bright colours and we settled on palettes of blue orange and green for the various apps. While I completed the wireframes, Igino came up with the logo designs.


Throughout the process I had 3 goals that I wanted to achieve:

  • Keep it simple. Instead of the multiple options that didn’t have a natural flow, * I condensed each option within an intuitive layout.
  • Use colour for a reason. Throughout the design I use colour to highlight important actions.
  • I made sure that every user action was confirmed.

careEpilepsy Patient Diary

This is the final UI for the diary page. Here the doctor can view when a patient has had a seizure over a day, week, and month.

careEpilepsy Patient Diary