When it comes to creating prototypes, my go-to tools are Axure and InVisionMockplus could soon be a part of my toolkit. It is a simple piece of kit that easily fits into the agile framework and allows you to quickly create interactive prototypes within minutes.




The Pros

  • A very small learning curve
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • Built-in components and icons
  • There is plenty of screen real estate for the main canvas area
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Auto backup
  • The free trial comes with lots of features
  • The pro version costs only $20 per month


The Cons

  • I’m not a fan of some of the menu icons as I don’t think that they make it clear what they are representing
  • The main MockPlus menu doesn’t feel Intuitive with both a hamburger menu and a dropdown menu


Score: 3.7/5

In comparison to the more established tools such as Axure or Omnigraffle, Mockplus is easy for a beginner to pick up, and a useful tool to create a quick prototype.