Do you often hear a song and think ‘Who is that band/singer/MC?’. I do. So the Shazam song recognition app should be a no-brainer for me. Well, that’s what I thought. It seems as if Shazam wants to make it as hard as possible for people to sign up and use their service.

Problem 1

You cannot sign up to Shazam via the website.

Cool, no problem. You can via email on the mobile app. I receive the email below which brings me to another issue.



Problem 2

I am one of those weird people who only checks my email twice a day and I’ve completely removed email from my phone. As you cannot activate your account through the website I’m kind of stuck.

Being persistent, I download an email client to my phone just so I could activate the app and uninstall the email client afterwards. Sorted. I receive a notification on my phone telling me that I can now sync my Shazams.

Great. Let me now log onto the website right now to do that.


Problem 3



You can only log onto the website if you have a Facebook account. I don’t have one. No biggie, I’ll log in via Twitter or Google. No? So, there must be an email option right? No. Okay, I’m done.